Westernu D1 Fall Semester Recap

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

Everybody welcome back to my channel. My name is Michael. You'm a first year, dental student at Western University in Pomona California. And for this video I wanted to do a quick recap of my first semester in dental school right now. I am in Seattle I have my brother's house in my room, hang out with my dog, that's Luna.

Okay. Anyway, um back to the video overall. It was a great experience being in Pomona at Western University. If I had any cons, it would just be the location home on that area. Doesn't. Really have a lot of food that I would like, and we always end up having to drive out probably like 30 minutes to roll in height, or even 45 minutes or an hour out to LA to eat perfect food. But overall the curriculum the staff, the classmates it's all been amazing.

And she kind of play tribute to that I had ended up taking a lot of footage that I never used in any of my videos. So I compiled them all and I, put them in this video, I. Hope, you enjoyed. Okay, what's the best way of like scooping, the.

Laksa, flex flex what yeah, Chiara, I, really like your one-stop. Guys. Good effort. , really, good.

He's, perfect, too. Hey, everybody I. Hope you enjoyed that click here for last week's, video and click here to subscribe here's, a random puppy video.