Sq11 Mini Dv Camera Setup, Review, Instructions And Sample Footage!

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

The 11 mini DV camera, there's, not much to it just there's a little cam unit. And it comes in this box as well inside. You just got some paperwork as well as these two little attachments, you can plug them in together, and they actually can mount the camera.

The camera though isn't too much just this full unit. It's only got two buttons up the top to control it. The image quality is not the best you've ever seen, but it's decent. So how do you control this camera? And what does it look like let's jump?. Into that nail. So you can see the instructions for this camera are quite lengthy, hopefully I'll be able to just give you a quick overview.

So you can quickly get up to speed with how to control the s, Q 11, because it can do a lot of cool stuff. So actually before you do any of that you're going to need to plug in an SD card. So this one I just made a video about. It is this elf wise, 32 gigs, SD card, and it's, actually, surprisingly, good. It was about three dollars as well. So it's, a perfect thing to pair up.

With this super cheap camera, so you just need to plug that in at the top. And then once that's in you'll see there's, two buttons on the top press, the on button. And then now you see the power buttons on. So right now, this blue light means that are actually in 720p recording mode. So if I press the power button, again, you'll see the lights flashed. And now it's turned off. And that means we're actually recording 720p video.

So I can move it around, and we're actually recording video on this camera, I'll. Press it again to stop recording video. And now what we can do it this other mode button is actually cycled through the mode. So right now we're on 720p that's.

What this blue light means if I press the mode button, you can actually see, we've got a red and a blue it's a bit hard to say on the camera, but the red and the blue LED are both on. And that means you're in 1080p mode. So this s, Q 11 camerae can shoot 720 and 1080 p. Video, neither of them look the best, but switching into 1080p mode will give you. Slightly better quality at the expense of draining the battery a bit quicker and just using up a bit more space on the SD card. There's also a third mode. If we press mode, one more time, you'll see, it's just the red light. And if we press the power button, you can see we've actually has taken a photo.

And the red light is the photo mode. Those are the three main modes. This camera, the 720p recording 1080p recording as well as the photo mode.

And then you just press the power button to activate either of. Those so there's, actually a lot of cool sorts of extra modes that this camera can do, including you can see around the arena of the lenses there's, actually, all these inferred LEDs is chemical actually shooting in the night like in darkness, it's got a night vision mode. Let me quickly show you how to activate that so activate infrared night, vision mode, you can see I'm just in the 1080p recording setting. And so what you've got to do you just need to hold down the power button for two seconds.

So if we. Count one two I'll, let it go, and you'll see its flash three times. So now it's in night, vision mode, and you can actually just press the power you just start recording. And now we are actually recording in night, vision mode. So obviously it's daytime. But if I put this out at night, I'll have a Clippy, you can actually see the IR lights, admit light so that the camera can see at nighttime we're, just pretty cool.

One thing you might notice though you've just taken this out of the box is that all the. Things that you take with this camera, the videos and the photos all have time stamps on them so that's, something you might not want, but you can actually change that you just need to first you just want to be turning off this camera. So you don't corrupt anything by just holding down the power button, and you'll see it's just flashed off. Then we just need to take the SD card out of the camera. And we just want to plug it into our computer.

So you'll, see once you plug it in and opened up the SD. Card folder, there's, a little like text file you just want to open that up and change the Y, which stands for yes to it in and that'll, actually remove the timestamps or alternatively. You can just change up the date so that it matches the actual date, and then you'll have an accurate timestamp for this camera. Another cool feature of this camera is actually, you can plug this into your computer and use it as a webcam. It may be it doesn't have the best quality. But if you don't have a webcam computer. Then it might be a cool idea.

So we just want to make sure we've got the camera turned off there you go. So you just need them to take out the SD card. And now using the included cable, this cable also comes in the box. You can say one in is this sort of mini AV cable, which can plug it into the back of the SQL Evan. And then the other side you can see, we've got a USB charger as well as an AV cable. So this is to connect to your TV.

We don't need this. But with this cable, if we plug this into our computer. We can actually use this SQL Evan as the webcam.

So just plug the SQL Evan into my laptop into my MacBook Air. And now if I open up photobooth, you can see it's actually automatically connected to the camera I'll just do it. So you can stay. And there you go. Ah, there you go there's, uh, where are we being? We there you are, so you can see it's, not the prettiest video is out the window it's, not the prettiest, but it looks pretty cool that you can use this as a webcam as well. If you don't want to have.

This, you know, just off the cable, you can connect it to your laptop. And you said that way. So there you go that is the. 11 the. 11 mini DV camera. Look, it doesn't make the prettiest photos in videos, but it's such a cheap camera, and really I think it's, pretty cool that for only three or four bucks. You can get a camera.

They can do some cool stuff. Take some cool videos. It's even got a night vision mode, which is pretty awesome. Yeah. As I said, it doesn't produce the prettiest footage.

It's, pretty ugly. He'll head to be on this spot at $4 I, still think it's. A pretty cool thing.

You can even connect a little keychain on it. It's got this cool little sticker overall I would have to say that our it's, a pretty cool thing. You can check it out in the link into the description apart from that, though, if you want to say you more technology, then definitely subscribe and leave a like on this video and I would love to you from you. Yes, you person watching this video. What other cool tech? Do you know about this?

Was like three or four bucks from it straight out of China I'd love to hear what other sort of stuff like this camera, even like the SD card I just reviewed any sort of random shaped egg that you found from China that you think is pretty cool. Let me know in the comments section. And if I think it's, pretty cool as well, then I'll certainly do a video No, and I'll even fetch your comment in it. So kind of you awesome. If you could leave those comments down below apartment, though, thank you for watching.

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