Sap Sd Fresher Resume Preparation Tips

Dated : 21-Mar-2022

Hi and welcome to neutral man channel today, we will discuss how to prepare sap, ASD pressure, resume, uh, I will explain you tips. Okay before going to, uh sap, HD presses tips. Please subscribe my channel, neutral man channel. And also don't forget to like my channel, please share it to your friends. Okay.

Thank you. Yeah. First, I'm going to in a resume a level.

First heading is most important. Okay, here heading level. You can maintain your name. Okay, you can maintain whatever you are trained or pressure. Okay, um. Example, um, you are sap, SD trained pressure for ECC and Shana. Both you tried, you can maintain okay, otherwise, you are a certified pressure.

You can maintain saturated pressure. Instead of trend. Okay?

You can mobile number and email ID. These both are the most significant things. Okay, you can adjust it.

Okay, you should be looking good. Then only recruiter can consider okay, uh objective. What is your career objective that you can mention? Not only this? Text?

Just our example, uh, just explanation purpose. I have. Mentioned this text, you can get a lot of different types of objectives in google. Okay? You can google it. You will get it. Okay, summary what?

Um, whatever you have trained or certified those things you can maintain. And just I mean, maintain one line, you can maintain two three lines. Okay, certification if you have done any certification, you can mention that certification. If you've done two three certifications, you can maintain certifications, uh names. Here.

Okay, sap. S, d. E, c, c. S, a p, l. E, s, app active lot of. Certifications are there whatever you have learned so whatever you have completed certificate, those you can maintain, and also you can maintain your certificates logo here that is better here. Otherwise, you can maintain here only once sap has for Haney certified after that.

You can mention logo that is better. If you are not a certified consultant, you can leave this. Okay, don't, uh. You can remove it certifications.

Okay, just you're trying. Okay, just. Um, after that. One certification is completed key skills. Whatever you're trying trained or whatever, you know that you can mention fine to find clearly here. A lot of topics I have maintained in single line.

Don't do like that very good knowledge on okay, presets of SD modules. Don't like would do like that. Okay, a very good knowledge, knowledge and sales order and configuration of sales documents item category.

Okay, scheduling category, um and also determinations like that. You can maintain fine to find fine to find. Okay, uh. You can win whatever you. Know, everything good knowledge on intercompany, sales third party process, IPO, okay, stop.

Okay, stock transfer order. Okay, credit management convention. Sales review. It will appear good.

Okay, everything. And also you can maintain whatever, you know, the integration that also you can maintain already. I have maintained, uh, integration of sap, HD and phi integration as a PSD. And mm, integration videos available in my neutral man channel. You can check it.

Okay, if you know, functional specification, uh skills, how to. Write functional specification and ALS, uh, um. You can maintain it and also table relation tables and fields relationship is there? Okay, if you know, tables, uh, sales order table. Sales order item. Tables, adder table, business level, tables, partner, function tables and also delivery tables. Delivery item header.

A lot of tables are there if you know that you can maintain that also one find okay, don't, uh, uh, don't, leave anything whatever, you know, you can maintain technical, highlights technical, highlights you. Can maintain as a technical skill also here, whatever, you know, those things you can maintain here MSRP is I maintained, um, you can maintain it because the MSRPs play key role in sap, any sap, not only SD sap. We can maintain, um, is there to give client presentation? We are using for find. So you should know for find and also word.

Ms, word. We can prefer, uh, we can prepare user manuals and also config documents. These are all documents. You can maintain in ms, word. And also excel is most. Important we have the lot of reports are there we can download in Excel only.

And also there is test. Scripts are the test scripts 90 percent you can write down in Excel. Ms, excel level. Sometimes you can maintain in, uh world level, also, okay based on. So you should know both and also not fed to upload LSM, uh, master data through LSM. You should convert file from excel to text.

Text is nothing note fed text. Then only you can upload in ls enable, so you should know the. Ms, text. Ms, notepad also. Okay and also paint sometimes screenshot, we need to take screenshot. There is print screen option is there we will get all screen.

We don't require that things whatever required that screen only required that purpose. We can use. Ms, paint or snipping tool. Okay, both here.

Ms, tool is there see? Ms, paint. Okay, snipping. Snipping tool is the snipping tool is not a Microsoft just explained these two we can use.

So you should know the these things also what is snipping tool. And also what is? Ms, paint? Okay, uh. So.

You should know a message also if you know, LSM, you can mention here LSM videos. I will upload this weekend or next weekend, um, please, subscribe and wait, wait for one or two weeks. You can get how to record how to record ls and w, how to upload file how to create mass customer master and material master. I can explain two videos. Okay, I will upload in my channel. Okay.

And that that's clear, BDC and be happy. Uh, recording, you know, you can maintain otherwise any of your SD friends are there. You can get.

Knowledge on that, okay, we have BDC recording function consultant can do remaining everything code created by above consultant. Okay? Once it is completed if you have any domain experience, you can maintain this step, otherwise, you can remove over. Okay. You have any domain experience sales expense. You can do last and final education. Most important thing you can maintain higher education.

If you want to maintain you have done Fiji, you can maintain, uh, your degree or graduation. Second line. Okay. Here, you can enter sorry under here. You can maintain okay, BSC from Romania university BSE from California university, whatever thing okay, become from so-and-so university like that you can maintain, ah, friends. This is how we can prepare resume for pressures. Okay, um.

Next week. I can explain how to prepare experience resume as a PSD consultant. If you like my video, please subscribe my channel and share it to your friends. Don't, forget to like my video, um, if you have any suggestions or requirements are. There, you can send message, you can send a message to me in comment box. Okay.

Thank you. You.