Red Spyro Vs Toasty

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

Hey, all the boots on channels back, aka, The, Saboteur walk to some spiral. Reignite trilogy gameplay. Are you kidding? Me?

One second so I, tell you I found some cheat codes online and to change pro different colors. So I'm going to do this, but I'm going to have a red Spiro. So, so up left down, right up square, r1, r2, l1, l2 up, right down left up Circle, really it. Doesn't matter does it? So oh, okay. So I'm, actually, fighting toasty I'm. Going to do you like your boss right?

I, kind of chose this last night? Some reason that. A little, oh, yeah, I also update this date because I like to have another version of doing I like another version of this that I absolutely fail. But if you ever want to like to see the bad version of this I'm going to come down below for this video I exactly, oh, you have something that will keep it working right now.

Checkpoint. So yeah, I already got everything useful app a heat use. Let me try this one more time. Okay, I. Failed it. One second, oh I kept doing it wrong. Oh, yeah, you ever get that like successfully.

Oh, Wait what the heck out also I got a red spiral by the lamb Brunei I'm, going to do these spikes APIs for the rest I'm, pretty much toasty spice Wow when you like to go into it. So some toasty, so I did everything, but I just wanted to show you this boss fight. So I'm going to come also if you're going to get confused on the title like if you're watching let's light up a little and your cookies on the title. Yeah, who's going to make the title more sense all right spot over.

Oh, this is going to make it more sense. Now what no wait? What I see you changing?

Oh, my god, that's, just sorry, that's just interest. Okay. The screenshots won't. See you he's got a turning spiral. This is brick. Bear.

Oh, yeah. This is rich pro. So I will see you guys in the next one, which is going to be I, won't, forget it's, Dr. shim, oh, hey, sorry, I'm just going to find a good thumbnail spiral stop looking at nothingness. Stare see red spiral.