Motorola Mdc 100 Dashcam Review

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

Hi everyone as you can see here, this is an image of Motorola MD, c100 dash camera that I actually use in my car. You can see it here up on the windshield in the car at the moment. And as you can see, it gives quiet enough quite a good enough, clear image of what's actually in front of in the view of the camera, big problem, though with the dash camera itself in this, trying to guess the suction pad here to actually keep the camera on the windshield proved, a big problem, I, actually, tried a couple of. Different clothes in the end, try and get the dash cam to stay under window.

But eventually I got a kind of silicon product, that's seals and blues at the same time. And it actually doesn't come after windshield now anymore. Thank God.

When the dash cam was falling off the windshield before I, sure it used to damage the settings naturally enough on the dash camera itself, because it used to fall onto the dashboard here around this area and then used to hit the floor. So every time it used to fall. It used to get two slaps before hit the ground and I just had to do a factory, reset cover every time. It fell to get to work properly again, also every now. And again, a blue image comes on the screen to tell you that something wrong with the settings, but then it walks away finding it know when that happens, I just farmers the Tata two megabytes, gigabyte card I have on the SD card. I fought reef armor. The 32 gigabyte SD card I have in the dash camera.

And that seems subtle for a while, um other indoors. Issues it actually works fine I'm glad now to staying in the windshield and the actual information booklet I gas with the dash camera doors, very basic and just turn a few pages. There gives you all the components in size it's, a bit of information, then on the dash camera self, how to put together how it's put up the windshield are the different settings. There is much troubleshooting settings in it, I just got your camera settings. The video settings experience how to navigate through the menu on the. On the screen, so it's, a very basic little booklet on the under dash camera set general information there. And then a little of a warranty information is read in the book lives as well and that's, basically, the technical specifications that are - as you can see, it's a 2.7 inch, LCD screen resolution of 1080p and so on and so forth.

As you can see there so that's, the booklet very small as you can see a very thin little booklet now inside the booklet on the first on the inside cover, it gives you. The website you can go ahead. You want support for sure product I tried to website. Once again, very basic website.

You to be honest you to expect more from Motorola, perhaps they were maybe am. You know, possibly it's really new website and I think it's a bit more ergonomic since I email support recently, far maybe suffer upgrade from my advice, I didn't, see it on the website, I emailed them for it because of the few times it fell in the car and I explained that two more rows, well, but I haven't. Heard anything back outside all that outside of all the cons, the good Pro is that once the dashcam stays on the windshield, it gives a pretty good view of what's happening ahead up the road. Or in this case, you know from cap. So folks that's my little IRA, you know, on my Motorola MDC, 100, dashcam camera, no ice because it was a cheap little product, buy it wasn't. The dearest of dash cameras bought at the moment as long as the stairs, walking and stairs of the windshield I'm happy enough for it because.

I didn't want anything major anywhere. It requires the traffic as I said it in front of me on the road when I'm driving. And it also carves what's been saved in the car as well. So it fulfills its purpose and keeps the boss happy.

Thank you. Bye.