Lomba Pembuatan Media Pembelajaran Interaktif. Sac- Tk.pelangi Kec.babat

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

Hi butterfly residents Introduce, my name Ahmad Yang, I'm from Pelagic, Zooplankton, Kindergarten, Tripe, District, ladies and gentlemen, , . This time I will describe an interactive learning media, this media that I made with the theme of the universe, I hope that the media I use For this, Children can more easily recognize the natural environment, recognize objects in space. And children can also recognize letter literacy. And also most importantly, children are more confident in answering the quizzes.

That we have provided. Ladies and gentlemen, This is the media what I made Hi, So the application I use is DKA, smart-ups, Creator. Redirected to the next page, namely, Smart secretary, that page on this page friends in bisyr are given Du a choice. Friends can use prepaid or friends can use free download when friends use free download then friends here will be given a trial program for 30 days after the download process is complete friends will be directed to installation when finished installing. Friends, you will immediately go to the start page of the smarter actor. Hi on this starting page, friends, You will be directed to the size or size form of the page. Because here I use my goal to go to Android, So the size form from that I point to Android too Oh, yes, it's already, open here, This is Hi, One of the examples that I have made here I use the theme of the universe, from this I made 18 slides, one of the fibers.

There is the main menu, The main menu there consists of KD, celestial. Bodies, there are poetry, There is a Quiz film Did, you know, it's all in main friends to enter every menu there when we click one of the menus, for example, if we click on a celestial object, we must enter the preview first, when it is finished in the preview, The image that is in the liquid will appear. One. Example, I intentionally made a very large picture, The writing was very large. Why, because it makes it easier for children to read?

Can understand what my goal is Hi here we can click on the. Star from the star there will appear. Ha, form, spelling the form of spelling children with letter by letter. N is the child until the word trust for the next Blend.

The children will be redirected to follow. Try again, Let's. Try letter by letter Ok, Google, hi, hi Oh. Yes, for the next for the next. The two for the next step, we can save by pressing Smart in the upper left corner After that we press output for the next.

We will be directed to the form of storage in the form of android.exe or HTML. Here, I. Choose the form of Android because my goal I want n make an application Hi HPK, which I will share with the children here, You can pay attention to it, You can fill it in Oh.

Yes. And later after that, we can submit Kyuhyun biggest in Indonesia.