Increase Download Speed For Call Of Duty Cold War Pc Tutorial | Boost Blizzard Download Speeds

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

Welcome back to another computer sluggish video, have you subscribed to our YouTube channel yet, if not be sure to click on the big red, subscribe button and click on the bell to get notified when we upload a new video in today's video, I'll be showing you how to boost the download speeds in the battle nets. You may be watching this video because you can now pre download the new call of duty, Cold War game on your pc. And if that is the case then don't worry, because hopefully these tips will help boost. Your download speed, the first thing you need to do is ensure you are plugged in directly into your router. You don't want to be using any network adapters or anything like that or Wi-Fi. If you are plugged into the router, then try and use a small cable, preferably, a meter long and a cat 6, or a cat 7 would be even better. This will really help boost that download speed.

The next thing you want to do is open up battle net. We now need to open up the settings by clicking on blizzard in the top left hand, Corner and then clicking on settings you now need to go down to game install slash update, and you now need to scroll all the way down, and you will then see a limit download bandwidth by default, the app has this ticked, which limits your download bandwidth. And as you can see, we have pre-release downloads, which is really going to limit that download for the new call of duty, Cold War. And we don't want that so go ahead and uptick this option. Once you have done that then go ahead and press. Done now have a go at downloading the call of duty, a Cold War and see how fast it downloads.

Now, hopefully that has given you a boost in performance as well as having a cable directly plugged into the router. If that still hasn't helped then the next thing to do is change the region of where you're downloading the game from if you click on the world on the Cold War tab. And then you have three different options as you can see, I am on Europe, which is the best region for me. But if you are still.

Struggling on your own region, then try another region. Sometimes Asia can be perfect and also the American region for downloads, even though I am actually in Europe. So that's definitely worth a try once you have changed the region. Then go ahead and press update again, resume that update and see if that has helped if that hasn't helped then the next thing to do, which could also help bring the time of downloading.

The game is before you install black. Ops, Cold War is click on install and then click. On modify the installation as you can see by default it's going to be 84 gigs, that's required to download for the game.

But if I'm not going to play the campaign, and I'm not going to play a dead op, arcade free. I can really bring that file size down to 36 gigs, which means it will take half the time to download a Cold War onto my pc. Also, if anyone else in your household is currently using the internet for streaming or downloading or playing games, then if you can ask them to not use the internet for a.

Pile, then that will also help boost your download speeds. And unfortunately, that is about all you can do in regard to boosting the performance of your download in battle net. I hope this tutorial has helped if it has hit the like button below and subscribe for more computer sluggish tutorials.