How To Record Discord, Skype Or Any Audio With Audacity For Dual Commentary Also! (Tutorial)

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

To so no gods in Houghton fire in today, we're doing tutorial, basically how to record your audio your squads, audio your friends' audio during a video or whatever you need recorder for on discord skype or god knows what else you want to record on now I watched a lot of tutorials and I honestly did not learn anything. They kind of sucked to really be honest. No one, really, you know, found a way to really do it. The way I wanted to add like hear it all strategy. All sounding like out of here playing. From the computer and then recorded from that it just sounded so bad, and I don't want to do that I don't want to use OBS I think I'd city is a good way to use it.

And it can record your Skype. You can record your discs, or especially we have big, discord parties like that, and I really don't, see any tutorials on it. If there is link them down below, so I can watch them, but I haven't seen any, so I played around with it a little and I finally found a way that I can do it for you guys and like I. Said, this is a tutorial will show you guys, maybe how I did and how I set it up everything from top to bottom also I am using the blue Yeti might that the mic I have. So you will see that named Louie pop up in this tutorial as well. So first you're going to do start off with you're going to open audacity, so I'm going to open that up for you guys. And like I said, this is really easy.

You don't have to worry about you're going to go ahead and press. Okay, get yourself all out the way. So first we're going to do us. Going to right-click on the right here on the sound right, click on that and go to recording devices, and then you'll see my microphones plugged up.

And actually if yours all say stereo mix, all you have to do is right, click, press show disabled devices, and it should pop up. So what you're going to do right here is just you're going to go to this and make sure this is enabled if we set up this, if it says, enable it and enable it make sure this is enabled you need. This enabled easy that's like. The number one thing you need to do all right, then next go down to your actual microphone that's using whether it's your blue Yeti, your blue snowball, your audio technical, whatever it is click, right? Click it and actually go down to properties. See we have the CC cleaner in there, um.

So you definitely want to first make sure and make please make sure make sure that this matches up 44000, 100 Hertz kind of matches up to this month. It's. 48 do you want me to match together? Because it gets. The sound quality as close as possible if not better but fair, this is what I've been using. So you have 41 or 48 or vice versa. And it works.

Well, I haven't had any issues with it yet, and I've actually recorded a video with me and Cady HD. And it sounded great. It sounds like he was actually recording his own video. And it was the perfect quality exactly what I heard inside my actual microphone is what it actually came out to be in the video.

And that videos going to be up a little later. If you guys. Want to hear the sound quality on that I also do a sound test here. So you guys can also hear it, hopefully I can set that up right for you guys now.

So it's really really really easy, make sure that account links up if it doesn't. You can always, you know, change this at the bottom right here if you want to change that. So you just press, okay, 41 44 thousand or 40,000 is good long as they're really close together or on point. It just depends on how you want to nitpick about it.

Then you press apply and. Then okay, now first we're going to do your not original you're going to be on, mmm, e, you're going to want to switch to Windows what's, a P like what the heck come on you're actually going to switch over to Windows what's, a P or will soppy, whatever you want to call it just switch to that setting. And if you switch to that setting you're going to go here, and you're going to click on speakers, you click on you're on your device, your microphone.

So like I said, I'm using my blue Yeti, so it's going to. Record my voice on the blue Yeti, and then you come here in your press speakers, and you pressure your actual microphone. Now, this is the way that I did it. And it worked very, very well. So you, if you do it through the speakers you're going to hear the audio coming from the speaker's, the way I did I set it up. So any other audio is going to my actual microphone and that's, what I hear what I hear.

And so my microphone is exactly what it records. So it's really, really easy that's, how you basically set it. Up it's, super easy, super quick I found this by playing around a little longer. But for you guys, it's really fast, no problems, no issues. If you do like I said, comment down below, and I'll, try to answer your questions to the best my ability or basically get a fix for it. Trust me.

It works I haven't had any issues, so we're kind of trying to test it out right now in just a moment. So just give me one. Second, I'll, be right back for you guys, wait, wait. Hold on I'm. Not see is actually use matter to UM. First time, biking either audio well that works there, and I'm just in this more.

They gave me, but I can hear them. You guys can hear that. So this is just a test sample of how it works overall. So simply I'm recording my finger, we're nowhere near completing this world here perfectly. Alright.

I have a story about this game. By once I know, problems are like I was trying to go to the mountain right? Yeah, like there was a mine. If you go up, you know, the place where we start, and it really is beneficial for. You guys because I've had no issues it's been perfect I just took it off. So they can shut the hell up in their squad though, but uh, definitely the hopelessness works for you guys. Hopefully it do you guys have any issues any issues coming down below, let me know, I will answer your questions and I will get it all sorted out for you guys, really simple, I record, our discord, as you saw perfect.

Anyway, I will see you guys in the next video comment like and subscribe, and I will see you guys. Next time, this is if miss I am out.