How To Install Ignition Distributor Correctly Tdc Timing Firing Order Honda Prelude Civic Accord

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

Hey, thanks for watching wise monkey will show you today, how to install a distributor in a Honda engine. Any engine is similar to this process. So this is part of a h22 AS up. But today we'll show how to actually install the busy.

Because if the number one cylinder is not at the top dead center in the compression, stroke, the distributor that goes on this side, right here. See it's going to go in that slot right there. The disputer has those that fork, but it can the problem is.

It can go in this way with. The rotor or you can go 180 degrees in out of alignment and still it can go in. And if it's hundred eighty degrees off the rotor or instead of being at number, one it'll be probably opposite to that it'll be facing a hundred eighty degrees off. So there is a way to align that to do.

So we have to make sure the number one cylinder is a D at the top in the compression, Center compression, stroke, you know, this is the timing belt for the h22, a one, a four hauler similar or h23. So what you going to do is first. Thing, I, release the number other trees, sprout blocks, just unscrew it a little so that the air can come out and take the number one out number one is the one that's nearest to the timing belt side, sometimes it's, the engine is installed this way sometimes it's transverse. So it doesn't matter transverse longitudinal it's, always near the timing belt, or sometimes this timing belt is on the passenger side, not on the driver's side.

So just figure out which side so that if it's bad timing belt is on. This side, the number one is this one it's their 4 cylinder, DOHC h20 to an engine. And so the h20 to the engine number is given here. And this is very important this. This slot here, it is usually covered under a little rubber I left it somewhere. Yeah. The timing mark is right there inside you'll be able to see.

So what we're going to do is we're going to turn the engine a little. And we put this one all the way through you see, it went all the way through on top of the piston on top of the piston is. Sitting and the piston is not at the top, so we'll, turn the engine until we'll turn the engine until this thing comes up all the way to the top and starts to go down as soon as it starts to go down. We kind of stop it right there, so there's the top dead center. So to turn the engine will go on this side, there's, the crankshaft we'll, turn the crankshaft using a using your ratchet in this case, we'll access it from the side right here. And as we crank it, I mean, as I turn, the ratchet, you will see this is.

Going up try to hold it, steady and yeah, so you have to figure the best is to hold it. This thing with one hand and turn with the other hand, the ratchet. So you feel that is coming at the very top, and then stop the racket movement. Right? There I just put it to the top and stopped it. So you can, you can actually practically c-d-c the tip of the piston right there through the hole to the small hole that's, the tip of the piston. So I'm going to put it back in its right there at the very table.

So right. Now so this is how it is right now. So we leave it like this now lets's go back to the distributor side. So this is the new distributor. And this is the old cap, you know, if these cables are installed right? Then this is number one at around number one is that around 7 o'clock position. Number three is at around 11 o'clock position.

Number four is at around 1 o'clock position. And number 2 is at around 4 o'clock position. So in this one, so this is number 1, 3, 4 2, ok. So now, when you open this one, and we. Make sure this rotor is somewhere near number around 7, o'clock position, which is number one, top dead center position.

At that point. This is the back those little that for up there. The fork is there this way.

This is how it has to go in when it goes. That makes sure the inter table Center thing that we have done that makes sure that it's not going in 180 degrees off. Because if we put in a hundred and eighty degrees, this thing will still go in. And there are 180 degrees off.

We don't want that. So you. Keep it somewhere near here, and then we push it in lubricate this. This roaring little there make sure that the other side is also clean and slight oil, and you know, I will do. And then we slide it in because in this way.

Now another thing to check before we put it in as we set it to number one top dead center, we got to make sure the timing marks. We can see the timing mark. So right here, check the timing mark before we install the distributor to this hole. You should be able to see the mark. Somewhere right there. So it could be a hundred and still on in the instead of intake, stroke, we would be the exhaust stroke I think let's, see, yeah.

So it's, right there. This is the mark and you see that one, so it'll go the way it is here now. Well, it is like this. Instead, did this number one is at the top dead center, and it's showing you right here.

The proof is right here. And this is little off because it's the timing mark is actually 15 degrees, plus minus 2 degrees. So 13 to 70 degrees before top. Dead center. So this is exactly how it, so it's also a way to check the ignition timing this in this engine, it's not possible to adjust the engine timing.

Once you set the timing marks and put the belt on it's, not adjustable anymore. It should be like this after that. So it sounds good now we're going to go and install the distributor there. So now it is around it's, not really one o'clock.

It doesn't have to be it's going to go on in one direction here. So we'll, just adjust it a little and put it in as we. Try to push it in we can turn this order little left and right to make sure it goes. Those two forks can go in this slot it's hard to hold the camera and do it.

So I'm going to pass it here. Okay. So, yeah, push the dizzy in put the three hold down balls one, two and three at the third one at the bottom. Now one thing it's, not going to be exactly aligned to number five number one here, because the timing is not exact, except at the top tip Center. And this should be good enough. Now, this is how it is.

The one thing to watch is this gasket actually comes off very easily and gets crushed under this cap. We have opened it here. So just make sure these are all in nicely and put the cap back on put the cap back on and the spark plugs back on, you know, it's always the ideal to use the permanent marker and write the number one, two, three, four on the cap, just to make sure it'll mix up otherwise. It will not start the timing will be off. Okay.

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