Halo 2 Custom Game : Halo Six Siege

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

You, hey, guys, I. Spy fool here, bringing you another halo 2 anniversary custom maps. This is halo succeed, shore house by blood. Ex Cruiser, an awesome attacking defend map inspired by the game.

Rainbow, six siege. The game will begin with two teams spawning the defenders spawn inside a large house and the attackers spawn outside in that safe zone with free teleworkers. The defenders will be given time to set up by closing entry, points and barricade in doorways in the house in preparation for the attack.

After a period of time, the attackers can proceed through the teleworkers. Each teleported takes you to a different spawn. Location. One spawn will be to enter from under the house once four will be Jeanna from above.

And the third is to attack head-on attackers can choose to stack all in one place or split up an attack from multiple places at the same time. Attackers will need to breach into the house first by activating triggers placed around on walls once activate, the trigger will cause an. Explosion, destroying the object is placed on and allowing the attackers access inside the house. This game is a one life only mode. So the winning side will be the side, which eliminates the opposing team. This map isn't, incredibly creative and incredibly fun to play. Both sides are equally fun.

And everyone had a great time playing strategically and trying to win as always I. Hope. You guys enjoy the gameplay I've provided.

And as always I'll, see, you next video, peace, you hashtag, I, clutch, hashtag, first. Into talk hashtag. Second, three minutes for the halo Rainbow.

Six pea I'll start in and you're. The last follow me on Twitter at business and JM Mason let's. Do this?

Alright? Boys want defenceman right? Taylor. Those bugs get in here. Listen I know, you're here inside first incursion, I'm, taking the red team's attack, I mean, defending the capture territories new territory, a big rabbit. Go away.

One card left let's all go for the same one. This will go for the same 100. Everyone that's in the pile economy for. This, wait, wait, which one's the yeah, we can't be safe because they're going to listen to us. Yeah, oh, yeah. This is the harbor you got one up.

Harbor, yeah. Okay. Let's.

Go. Let's. Go. Wait now. Dee.

Let's. Go Bernie. Watch see.

What are we? Alright? Bernie. You see that walk up to it doesn't say, what it is just act walk up to it and activate.

It got one guy charging and then ALENA charging front door and then get back. Oh, yeah, oh. Did you do it? Hey, wait I need I. Think you did it I think someone made in the. Hole, oh, and I did not freak out for it. He's going them we're invaded in the house all day number.

The second is under the staircase is it school? I require Oh Nicole - air above us? Oh it's, just a shotgun understand not really cool.

Nice, nice, wait here, Denison band-aid and hmm, it's, not saying, who's winning. But we won that one. It was the red team. Yeah, I was Red. Team. Bullying, Tokyo, it's.

Okay, because we're here. So I know, no, one's going to cheat. So we'll, just take what pigment book was it menus Terrence over. Retinas now, win it.

Alright, one chair before in life, terrible on our chest, I picked I, picked the shotgun. Alright? Boys it left. His helicopter shadows, how's it going right? Good, we're gonna little games stoical, what the sugar - they're all upstairs. What do we do?

Oh, no, you're. So good over there, honey, they're out there. Yeah, oh okay.

Come on boat. He's one shot and boat. Fire sale. I got your back sham go. If you just focus on that bro, put your back. Okay, Oh. Watch outcome in for the roof.

Maybe yeah, coming. For the roof, I want to light the Sham good times up behind. You's on the roof, I got in the Colin thing, I'm reaching clear, breach and clear, hey, sit up here, don't a gunroom or just out. Okay. I got one on the boat there's. Another did we get the one on the right it's? All after you finish the mission there's only one left this bad guy and I think he's copped on the vial he's, a front, oh he's at the front door.

He's coming through the front I got a shotgun Hey. Oh, my god, you shot me in the face kill.Then all, oh, my god, guys, we're. Not laying flowers just kill them. All I, don't know, but I think we have bad news with rifle Nelson is going for a decoy. Okay, it's like I'll, kill Oh. Max have you going for a decoy.

You got a shotgun go get him. Hey, we'll just play with uneven, Singh he's out there, nice and easy, hey, honey company in a room. I mean, if you are, you guys happy to continue playing with a yeah. This is good right? Yes. Okay. Vermin you just gotta.

Fortunately, the baby's still in the making - hey, halo, .6, siege beta let's do this round, free, I'm, ready? Yeah, I'm sure our enemy know, I'm going to keep the bow up on that new territory. Okay. Let's all go yourself. One, turn rule. We're going to go we're going to go for this one, wait, which one's the know what which ones I hope you say it.

Yeah, this one is the arm where you're going underneath. Okay. Now, wait. Now, no one our society, barber each other coming from air or sewer. So, yes, this is the one get down. Go. Go.

Go all right? Ready? Guys, I think I. See my guys. Chest, you were all right? You get back go breaching, get back whole day, I, don't know where everyone all at once all at once go Japanese do that one behind us, I'm going to the stairs.

Oh, my god, my entry was insane. The entry would be taking us all out we're dropping, oh, that was crazy that was so legit. We all like we've done this massive like, oh, wait laughing. Laughs. We love other women.

Oh, my baby. No more guys in high spirits I. See it. This is crazy.

Man, look like a guy it's. Okay. We can still do. This all right, screw it we're going to carry on going red team. You've got the deep rich a childish.

All right? What I think I've got a horse on my chest to continue this room. Okay.

But so that roof invasion was actually so legit. Yeah, all right number I'm. Not going to do exactly that we'll, see what I'm going to do I'm locking this door? Well, I was attempting to it. Didn't. Actually, look. No other go native.

Oh, you got it, although it has someone major come through in that round lap to the front door, it's like not. Another branch area. So anyone in there's another place, you can breach that window all right hold on I know where he is we'll get back for anybody right? There. There's, a breach there he's coming through there is oh it's. A shotgun got him.

Oh, my go free I found a breach on the side of the house. Then I just broke through that - got to you, I swear on my screen. It gave me a hit marker everything, but I watch. The killer I, put them in 1v1.

My guy, yeah, you're the last one complete the mission. And he. Told you who you my own again, you can't do that one? Why all my own I guess all up to you Bernie burning back behind your buddy behind. You Milo canary walk through country that way that way . Alright, guys. So we are back.

We've got evened out the teams, I'm going to play another four rounds everyone says, hi, again. Hello. Hello on you damn quiz, really and the ordinary the last game. So yeah, we were tired like you. So yeah, we're going to see if we can still try and get another bug. I.

Clutch put a very typical guy as connected, but they're disconnected on territories, like not incursion. Okay, I'm going to try it I'm going to switch on my weapons to capture like I. You remind me terrify me, Bernie, no charity.

Ave going to go for the same one, Joe, Tore left that's. It if they're coming from a clock coming make up everybody, but your ready help for this. One let's. Go I've got a plan. I've got a plan Beowulf - good I. Think this go.

Go. Go quick. You all. Go quick are there in the window? Oh no, oh, no. Hung up they have gone for the harbor, you know, sorry--but go on Harbor. Foster came to kill some a shoot me to entice the hallways.

Oh, you can use the hurry. Oh, my god, you can use the turret know that you can use the pirate on the water, that's, legit, ready. Guys all right. Go for a bunny taken hot. Ready? I'm going to break it? Go?

Ready? Go I'm following up without that's - I know, oh damn get me out of this building. See you later, sorry, bunny rest in pepperonis. Oh, hello. Hello.

Oh, okay. So I see Humphrey. We are on two and three survivors. And that was pretty crazy other songs, watching me for the window I didn't, really get the turret or the water. That's, pretty cool. But trying to hack from the phone just cause relative difficult. One territory, I'm gone territory, contested, yeah, which one we're always here in the left about this one wall.

This one is up air. This one is an underground that one's. The ship I say, I say, we go in this one. This is a good one. What warns that exactly day you're kissing me. Alone, everybody leaving me, uh, I guess, I'm going one way it goes I'm watching the stairs.

Guys just cover my back. Oh, you have to worry about the stick. Oh, thank you. Get rid of that was so sick. Oh, this wall. Damn it. Well, that's pretty crazy.

They what they went over the whole roof. And then they came down the opposite side on the balcony thing. Yeah, we've seen. We've got this in it work out Oh vermin and some god, oh, well, no years follow me or me, although sham goat I was teeming with you now what now. You're my enemy, I can see them there at the back of the house there's. Another house, there's, a steel jury regenerator. Now, oh now let me do it for some reason was it.

Let me does it smart room, where is he being you in like? Whoa. This is a completely different area. Hey, hey. Na, Kali, dude, herbage, where people see that wait again to the house, red team, keep the secret and use it next round. Alright, yeah.

Yeah. Where the hell are ya I already went through the review quiz being smart I hate it here, I'll. Call him omen. You got a stock CY is the precis Reese neck. Oh, there is that was reaction I kind of hate that that's, the Anchorage here's. The degeneracy measure does I need to think I already got a legend all right. So there are eight wheels are we equal again?

So literally we just got. We've just got are we and it can't. You don't, win initiation, territories. So convoluted I feel it. We are not in the tremor. This laughs this one you see this one here is just a no-go, no we're, not going for that me. Think this one is just good everyone.

Come here. Everyone come. Yeah, is this a lateral? Okay, yeah. We got wind it. So it's a lot.

No, we have to win this. One I. Am lost wait what's. The school. Sorry, three, three. Okay.

It's. Free. Wait is it free? Free? Okay, yeah. So we have to win this.

One, yeah, we want the first round, you guys, let's, get ready to kick it around doesn't. Go TV. Don't. Go just you ready, oh, oh dang.

We all play there with it. Go there, the roof Thunder way out, oh, okay. So someone's down already, that's, not good. For you Music I, don't know how I attack this bunny, but let's just look for the all right? Low flop top dialogues. Oh, my god, they've actually brought up the windows allow me.

Yeah, I wonder if anyone's gonna funny, yeah, yeah, through that there's Tudor, oh, my god and cannoli I, don't need to kill out lose this. I need a range laughing over here. He's on the stairs - bellman are here. Oh, they open - on the stairs bunny - on the stairs. Yeah, no.

No. There was a . But he saw me. Come on guys come on. Guys forth killer, we're, spiteful, go I'm, dead. Oh, my god.

Painter. Okay, subject is up to subject now. Can he do this?

Yeah, we have to win this one here. We got a win this. One I, don't. Think you can get it. He can't do it vicious you're going to fail?

Just like that exam? You took last night, even though there wasn't school come on subjects, yeah, that's. What I always think I was like don't question. My logic, subject, doesn't realize that I haven't gone for his outside do-do-do-do-do-do c4 doo-doo-doo.

But let you. Know, programming a bug, I really scared, right now load I don't know where he is, yeah, do-do-do-do-do-do. How do you do come on? Come on suck? It there's, no right of crippling right? Intense music cues just in time. Oh, yes.

So Cain shotgun are tricky. You just ratted. So now red team has actually got a win. Their entry.

I was blue team. Take the game. Yep, we got to do it. So I'm going to go for a mega key subject with the matey matrix much we can do a shark ins or cart. Hey, our team remember we're, vermin 1 d, -. Territories when it's clear windows guys close the window, yes, I was about to say we need at least some raised people I chose. You just split up the windows.

Yeah. So like 2/3. Some mamas go this way, wait, wait, wait who - gold, don't know, there's somebody's, verse I'm, a new vermin, charity windows are closed. They comment closing up this. We can hear for the planet, but the careful of the riot TV tonight. We have to wind it.

Where are we going this way? I'm sitting here bro? This is the best just to sit in the. Corner watches this there paper we are going down that's, except for you, I thought, hey, Dance, tumbles, breach, right here. Hmm, run on the stairs. Okay.

I have to watch off from rumors. Jack, guys, women's jack, oh, okay, oh it's for him to be 40 feet is for answer. I. Can't. Go up.

Okay. Don't worry. TP. We got this bro. We got this just get ready having a clue.

Okay, playing get her to do manage to do that I can hear him by the way I can hear him next to me, that's owed a word, hey, hey, there's, one, uh, second fun for me out. Bro, it uncle me out, um week. I'm, sorry. We got a wind everywhere ash, oh, and then yeah, like her name.

I got shot. Oh, my lap. Oh, yeah, you got to do it let's go by Turbo. Oh, this is it blue team has taken away in boreholes, stupid, blue team, attention.

Boys just don't be late TV, dogs, don't know to bullet, hopefully not, hey, we got together the beam on my gosh, oh you everyone good game. Everyone psychopathy a video only one person one battle rifle. Oh, yeah, Twitter at Brendan.

Jo Mason.