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Dated : 18-Apr-2022

And here we are in the natural habitat of the moo bus gelatinous spending today as he does every day, sheltering himself from responsibilities, but what's this, it seems a nearby kickbuttus hysterics is returning from a successful hunt. Moo bus will be keen to scavenge. It is essential. He evades discovery.

He knows that despite his size he's, no match for the physical prowess of the elegant kickbuttus he's, not here for the small pickings. Furthermore, he knows that it may be up to an hour before he's allowed to eat. Again, this timing must be perfect. So he waits, and he strikes nature gave him a silent, but deadly offense man has become Shrinkers itself when he feels threatened Richard, the moo bus seizes, his chance and retreats to his Daniel thicket, but his defense of territory, but in doing so commits. Another mistake in this ruthless ecosystem. An unguarded kill is quickly claimed by the vultures.

Okay, prepare yourself 3d without glasses. What I want you to do is just focus on my eyes until your vision adjusts now. It takes a little time, and you might need to get a little closer to the screen. The best distance is normally about three inches now, keep watching until the 3d effect kicks in keep looking almost there.

Why are we hiding? Zoom you see how he does this in real life, I need to learn that toad man, all right, dude, let's, write let's, write B. Hey, what is this cheap for it's for hi, hi, divides Wilson. And a lot of people ask me, can you teach me to be as cool as you and I say, no, you'll, never be as cool as me. But I can teach you to be cooler than you and just maybe you'll be a hit with the ladies like me what up sunshine? Oh, yeah, if you want to get dates, you got a pump weights because.

Girls can't deny a guy who's this fly. So let's get some muscles and score some girls from like Brussels or something let's. Do this that's? What I'm talking about if there's one thing?

Girls love its cash. So you got a make it rain. That's right now I've got the look and the flip all I need is the lady. Ah, um, hey, beautiful. You. Have a quarter because I told my mom I'd call her when I fell in love, uh, no, I'm. Sorry, I don't.

But you can use myself, hey, mom, could you come pick me up early today because. Thanks. No worries.