Gta Online Hangar Review

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

Hey, guys, welcome back to another video for Grand Theft Auto online. My name is charger case. You forgot. So today, I'll be doing a review of the hangers, which was introduced by Rock star G. When was that August 2017 it's been a while since I've been on guys, give me a break, ok? So you can find the hangers through your phone using the web browser. The is bank, foreclosure website, right here.

Yes, let's. Take a look we'll filter out the hangers. So there's, two locations. You can currently purchase hangers. From one is up here at Fort Danced. The other location is down here at Los, Santos, International, Airport. Okay.

So take a look at one. So these are the different options. You can choose from so the hanger style, its different colors in lighting. This one only has two choices, the stuff on the floor, whether you want what kind of design you want office furniture. You want it to look kind of clean boring, or if you want it to look kind of nice and furnished living quarters.

If you want a room and the. Workshop which you'll need if you decide you want to purchase any of the air vehicles, so depending on where you purchase your hangar from determined the price. So the hangars down here at the International Airport are going to be on the cheaper in 1.2 to 1.5 million dollars base price. And the ones up in Fort Danced go a little more.

You can see 2.6 base price all the way up to I'm. Sorry, two million roughly 2.1 million base price to about 3.3 million just purchasing it. So when you go through.If you'll, see that different places have different options.

Yeah. So slightly different in the color schemes in certain areas, otherwise not too much of a difference. So let's, take a look and a hangar. So I purchased mine at Los, Santos, International, Airport, one, really nice thing that I liked the right off. The bat is you don't have to jump over the fence anymore, because this will happen that's, right? They'll. Let you in you own property now, okay.

So there's, two locations, From for your hangar in the. Airport, let me just remind myself where the other one is. Okay. So here is one. And here is the other one. So this one's going to be further down the runway. So let's, take a look at that real quick.

This that's going to be this hangar, right? Up ahead. This guy right here.

The other one is going to be further down the runway here. If you've done the missions tighten up, a job it's past that hangar, and you'll recognize, it has the Pegasus logo on it. This is the one that I happen to purchase. This one is actually.

The cheapest hangar running about 1.3 million that's before purchasing all the extra stuff inside let's take a look. So unfortunately, you can't drive into it with your vehicle unless you have an air vehicle. If you have a ground vehicle you're, just going to get a message saying that you can't drive that vehicle in here. Okay. So this is the inside it's, pretty spacious and there's a helicopter on the side here, which unfortunately, you cannot board with the workshop Edition. You do get another mechanic.

So. Someone else to pay maybe I can find him this time sometimes he's, not there. It looks like he's. Not here this time. Okay. So this plane was free.

This is the Cuban. Okay. This one is one of the new ones, the hang glider. And if you've purchased the Hydra previously, you can actually store it in here.

Let's take a look. You can actually customize if it's, actually, not very many customizations on the hydro. So as you can see, he can only change the paint all right. So the back wall over here, it's just like your. Garages, you can move stuff around ain't.

Nothing special about that got lots of ladders and ramps and whatnot. Feel free to explore I'm. Not going to do that I'll let you explore your own hangar up here is where you going to access your computer in order to do missions. So if you're a CEO it's going to be kind of similar to that in a sense, you're going to have to source things, that's, that's, the special word for steel and right now. These are the options when you first enter the hangar, they go through a walk.

Through like, you know, everything else, and they mentioned that the narcotics are going to be the most difficult thing to source. Well, the arts and antiquities are going to be one of the easier things going through some of these missions. We found that that wasn't quite accurate. Okay. So what the game does is it cycles through, you know, missions, and you know, there's a timer after you start a mission where you can't repeat it until that cooldown timer wars down, kind of like when you call in your call it a.

Vehicle through the mechanic, you got that five minute, cooldown timer so that's, one unfortunate downside to that. So just keep that in mind when you're doing these missions, and your total stock is limited to. So once this fills up, you won't be able to source any more of these materials, and you'll have to go and sell. Yeah. So you just pick one do you want to do one thing that we didn't notice was that once he hit ten you're, going to need a second person. So if you're doing the solo, not a problem, if it's.

Nine or less ten or more you're, going to need more people. We haven't gotten past twenty, so we're, not sure how many people you would exactly need. Why don't you figure that out all right? So one nice feature about the hangar that I found was that it acts kind of like the bunker. If you have a bunker, you probably know that you can use it to help.

You get rid of your pesky, Away and level, just drive right in or run in if you're on foot. So unfortunately, with the hangar, you can't drive in with your land. Vehicle wherever your mind went, okay, I seem to lost my land vehicle, not a issue. Okay, so you can see I got a water level all good, and I was a walk right into my hangar it's, a big airport, they'll, take a while to get here. And the one that was gone just like the bunker, one pleasant feature. So one downside that I found is just like the bunker.

You do have to be a CEO motorcycle club, president or VIP in order to source materials, that's one of the downsides. So you do have to spend the money on being one. Of those things, alright, so that's pretty much it. When did you purchase air vehicles they'll get set here since you know, purchased a hangar and the more successful stealing of goods that you do. You do earn the trade price for them.

So I'll show that to you guys real quick here, you'll find them on. You know, on two websites, one is on war stock and the other one is on elitists. Okay.

So the want some more stock you'll find there'd be the ones labeled smugglers run. Yeah. And right now were stock. Only has four vehicles it's part of the smugglers run, whereas vitae has slightly more.

Oh, I'm. Wrong has one last f3 here. So the hang glider you saw on my hanger, the ultralight, this is already the sale price.

So you don't get a trade price for that. I believe ya know a trade price for that. Unfortunately, sorry, guys. This is another one.

This is the one you saw inside the hanger, that's, not readily able to board. Unfortunately, this is the third plane through elitists. So one thing you'll find that is. That if you don't fly a lot, these are these vehicles will really help your flight level up flying skill. So that's pretty much it for my review guys. So we got some ups and downs, the down there's always going to be the price right. So thanks for watching thanks for staying tuned for so long, go ahead and like comment share, and I'll see you next time.