Gta 5 Online: How To Set Up & Start Heist Missions - Requirements & Tips (Gta V)

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

How's it going guys Mr. boss for the win here. And in this video I'm going to be kind of laying out the prerequisites for setting up heist missions and Grand Theft Auto online, so it's a little similar to the campaign, but it's also a little different. So when you first start Grand Theft Auto online you're going to be able to do various jobs, whether it be repossessions, or you know helping out a friend like in this case, right here, I'm doing a mission for Gerald, where I'm actually doing like a. Coke run, or I'm robbing this RV that has a bunch of cocaine in it, and I'm trying to bring it back to him. Those are cool and all, but that isn't, the big-money heist that we're going for, so it's, kind of like I said, is it's very similar, but it's different in many other ways, and I'm going to be breaking that down to you right now. So those are some minor ones you can do. But of course, the heists are the real ones we're going for so how you start a heist?

Well, first off you're going to want to get. A crew because heist, obviously require a bunch of teamwork now it's, not mandatory. You have a crew, but it'd be nice so that you can avoid people. Obviously, you have better communication and won't be at risk of taking any money from you. So the first prerequisite out of all, this is you're going to need to buy an apartment or penthouse, or you know, any sort of building a home, whatever it may be a hotel.

But you want to get one of the higher end ones. And the reason I say that is because in. Order to start these heist missions, you need one of those heist blackboard planning rooms. The very first heist, the jewelry store heist. You had the blackboard in Lester's warehouse. And then for the second one you did it on that guy, I think his name's like Floyd's wall in his apartment. So you require one of those where you can plan out the heist, because like in the game, you actually have to get equipment.

You have to get a crew together. You have to decide who's going to get what cut and how you're. Going to go about doing it whether you're going to do the loud or the dumb way or the smart, and you know, the way that everyone wants you to go. So those are some of the things that you have to keep in mind.

And like this, the Eclipse tower apartment, 31 that's, one perfect one to do it in that's, of course, that's like the highest rated apartment complex in the game. So once you're able to buy that you're able to go inside, you can plan it out, and it's really simple as that it's like the campaign. You know, you discuss, hey, I want to do this heist want these people I want this equipment so on and so on.

So I think I'm going to show you a little list right here of some of the apartments that work. Of course, that is all in that one building right there. You get a little description of how much it costs and B what you get inside. But basically anything over two hundred thousand dollars is going to set you set yourself up for a really nice living room, really nice, heist area, which I think is really. Cool as well so kind of the prerequisites you want to get a really pleasant crew guys, you can trust. And then you want an apartment where you can actually set up these heist missions because there's, no other way to do it unless you do that. So anyway, guys, if you did enjoy this video or found these tips helpful, I would encourage you guys to definitely hit that thumbs up button and leave a like.

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