Change The Color Of Your Fire - Funky Colored Flames Review & Demo

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

Hey, guys, so today I was at Walmart and I came across these funky colored flames. There are these little packets that you sprinkle into your fire, and it's supposed to change it all kinds of cool colors so figure it out do a review on it today. Oh, the instructions say to place entire clothes packets on top of fire, sit back and enjoy the magical, flames. So here we go. And it says, this should last up to 30 minutes, well so far it's, not really looking that.

Impressive. So I'm going to put the three more packs. In I mean, if you have like 30 packs that might be cool, but I was kind of hoping I'd get a lot more color than this. Maybe it's meant to use in a real, tiny, pod, you can kind of see some blue and green, but it's, just a not as much as I was hoping for whoa, guys. Look at that it's so magical, it's so pink and purple and blue can you all see it I, don't know, you all can't because it didn't work.

So I think when using this, you don't really want too much flame in your fire. You want to put it more on the. Coals kind of would have been nice upon the instructions that would have said that, so I didn't feel like I, just burned. Ten dollars.