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Dated : 18-Apr-2022

Hey, everybody in this video we're breaking down, the best power speakers to pair with a turntable, if you're still using a vintage pair of hand-me-down speakers, you inherited from a roommate or maybe a family member, you'll be amazed by how much better your music sounds coming through a new higher quality. Powered speaker system, the right speakers will always deliver major sound quality improvements. So if you choose anyone on this list you're going to notice, and if you want more after watching this. Video, we have an in-depth written version of this guide at So be sure to check that out as well links to the guide and all the models on this list are in the description now let's get started.

Now if you're just getting started with vinyl a quality pair of powered speakers is one of the best ways to enhance your vinyl listening experience. And a perfect pair will also provide a solid foundation for a system that you can grow with over time. Now, deciding speakers for your turntable.

Isn't an exact science, though in the world of vinyl there's nearly endless array of options for your system and speakers, of course, are no exception, besides choosing speakers based on sound quality. You've got to factor in things like the space that you have available for them, where will you be putting these speakers? How big or how small will they need to be the next thing to factor? In is your budget.

You don't need to be a millionaire to afford great speakers, but the size of your budget, certainly. Plays a role in which products you select and finally, flexibility, maybe you need speakers that can work with analog or digital music systems, or maybe you just want speakers that come with the remote control. This is where powered speakers for your turntable come in. Now, assuming you have an entry-level turntable. Any of these speaker systems will help you build a great sounding system. So don't be surprised if you're blown away by the sound quality and start adding components to further, refine your.

Setup high performance audio is just so much fun. But don't say, we didn't warn you, the first powered speakers we're going to focus on are the peach tree m24 and the m25. These speakers are just beautiful sound quality aside. And the sound quality is extraordinary for the size and the money you get with these the m24 and the m25 are available in a real bamboo housing, not a veneer. And if a natural finish isn't, the aesthetic you're going for these are available in black as well from a flexibility. Perspective, the m24 and the m25 sacrifice, nothing, connect these directly to your turntable and digital music sources. And with these, you can switch between either source at will a photo stage is built in.

But you can always connect them up to an external preamp. If you want to sum it up here's a quick breakdown of what you get with the peach trees, you get up to 2496 digital audio directly through the USB input, there's wireless connectivity, via Bluetooth and direct connections to your pc or mobile. Device and of course, there's a direct turntable connection. Thanks to the built-in photo, preamp, plus the drivers. And the amplifiers here are specially designed to work as a system to deliver the best possible sound. The next powered speakers on our list is the audio engine, a5 plus powered speakers over the years.

The phrase the best starter audio system has applied to various sets of equipment in various audio formats. And while the audio engine, a5, plus powered speakers, don't constitute, a complete. System on their own. You do need at the very least a music source and a photo stage. These are among the best speakers for any starter system.

You might build today, they're a fantastic value too at 399 to 469 for a pair. The a5 plus offers incredible sound. They're also relatively small. The dimensions are just 11 inches high 7 inches wide and 9 inches deep, which means they can fit on just about any shelf and work great as a replacement for existing desktop speakers for their size. These speakers offer. Great balance a lot of desktop speakers give you too much bass, but not the a5 plus a tuneful, bass complements, both highs, which provides a listening experience that's.

Well, rounded one thing to keep in mind about audio engine speakers is that they require an external photo stage or photo preamp. If you're building a high performance system, a photo stage is probably something you want to have in your arsenal. Anyway, still budding. Audio enthusiasts might not have the space to accommodate an. Additional system component or you just might prefer a cleaner look here's. The rundown of what you get with the audio engine, a5 plus as far as features go. You get built in 50 watt per channel RMS amplifiers with shock absorption, which minimizes vibrations, you get a flexible system, that's compatible with a wide variety of audio sources, including turntables, computers or televisions, there's a remote control.

And all cables are included for the inputs, too there's, an 8-inch and RCA inputs plus USB. Power, and you get a silk dome, tweeter with a 5-inch Kevlar, woofer and MDF cabinets. The cabinets are available in various finishes, including white black and bamboo audio engine's a5 plus speakers are pretty small. But if you've got some serious space limitations, consider the a2 plus while the a2 plus might look like the perfect pc speaker replacement don't be fooled by the size of this one. They do offer many of the same features you get with the a5, plus like a Kevlar, woofer, and they're versatile.

Enough that you can pair them up with your entry level, turntable or digital music system, the audio engine hd4. Powered bookshelf speakers are another great option priced at just under 450 a pair. These bookshelf speakers pack an incredible punch, and they're compact enough to fit just about anywhere, they're also compatible with Bluetooth. So you can connect these to your vinyl system or using the stream digital music wirelessly. And finally, if you're looking for a larger more powerful option, the. Audio engine, hd6 powered speakers are worth a serious. Look at just under 700.

They're priced, higher than the others in our roundup, but they're well worth the extra money. In addition to Bluetooth, the hd6 offers custom drivers and mono block amplifiers for improved performance, the digital and analog inputs mean, you'll have the flexibility to hook any source to these speakers from your computer to your turntable and beyond right up next. We have the Kant u4 powered speakers with the u4. You get a. Built-In photo preamp, a built-in Bluetooth, a remote control and four different finishes.

The Kant u4 powered speakers, provide a level of flexibility, that's really hard to surpass. This really affordable pair of speakers is the perfect complement for a starter turntable. Not only do you get a great set of speakers for vinyl listening sessions. You can also connect your u4s to your pc or Bluetooth them from your phone it's, a great balance for a budding audio enthusiast making the transition from. Basic digital streaming to vinyl and other high fidelity formats.

The u4 has a four inch Kevlar driver, 1-inch, silk, tone, tweeters and a class d, amplifier, if you still listen primarily, the digital formats, and you want to save some space, the Kant u2 speakers for less than 300 dollars are an excellent choice, where space is more limited. These mini monitors are probably just half the height of your laptop, yet they still manage to deliver staggeringly. Great sound.

Connect these up to your aux input with. The included three and a half millimeter cable or add a three and a half millimeter to RCA adapter and the u2 will connect straight to your turntable. If loud is what you're going for the u6 is what you're actually looking for like the u4 speakers. These include a built-in photo stage perfect for a vinyl setup where space is limited. Now the last model on our list is the kitsch, the fives powered speaker system. The fives are probably the best sounding. Powered speaker.

Audio advice has tested for. Under a thousand dollars a pair clip spent quite a bit of time with research and development on the built-in photo preamp included with the fives, and we feel it has the best photo preamp out there as far as powered speakers. Go, throw in Bluetooth, HDMI arc, USB for your computer audio the to slink digital and an analog input with fully biased speakers. And you have what is an incredible. Powered speaker, the fives are available in a beautiful, black finish or a walnut finish with grills that were. Inspired by their classic heritage speakers, I also love the big beefy retro controls on the top cabinet. Four amps, provide full camping for a specially designed clips' driver giving these speakers, a huge effortless sound.

And in our testing, not only can this rock, the house better than other powered speakers. They also keep their clarity at low listening levels. HDMI arc means your TV remote can control the volume, which is a big, added bonus for improved TV, sound with movies and gaming.

And when you. Purchase from, you will receive our exclusive tips and tricks video that will show you how to squeeze every last drop of performance from the fives. Alright, that concludes our list of the best powered speakers to pair with a turntable when it comes to powered speaker systems for your turntable. There are a lot of choices, but we think peach tree audio engine, Kant and clips have a lot to offer, especially if you're just getting started with HIFI audio. The cool thing is you don't need.

Tons of extra space to accommodate high quality speakers, most of these will fit right on a desk a shelf or a table. And that includes the larger models in this roundup. And since several models have a built-in photo stage built in you can start enjoying better sound from your turntable right away. You won't have to buy anything other than new speakers.

What matters the most is that you're going to love how your music sounds a great pair of speakers can reveal layers of detail and sonic nuances that. You never knew even existed, even in the recordings, you've heard a thousand times before that, of course, is why speaker quality is so important better equipment, heightens, the experience of listening to records and great speakers are a key part of any decent vinyl playback system. Now if you're still on the fence about a powered speaker for your turntable head on over to and chat live with one of our vinyl listening, experts they'll be happy to help you out and all audio vised purchasers. Will receive our tips and tricks setup guides to get up and running fast. So if you have any questions just give us a call or stop right into one of our Raleigh or Charlotte, North Carolina, award-winning showrooms, we'll, be happy to help.

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