1989 Pennies To Look For In Your Pocket Change That Are Worth Money!!

Dated : 18-Apr-2022

Welcome back to couch, collectibles. Hope you guys are having an awesome day today. We are looking at some 1989, Lincoln pennies that are worth money to definitely always be on the lookout for these coins in your pocket change, or when your cilantro hunting coins from the bank. So real quick I'm working on a very cool project. I think you guys are going to like it and get a lot of value out of it. So I, can't, wait to share that news with you guys coin mats will be restocked on the store very soon.

So we'll. Coin microscopes, so feel free to go check out couch, collectibles, calm, I'm, actually going to put some older wheat pennies on there. So if you guys need some older wheat pennies for your coin, collections feel free to go check those out, maybe you need some of those dates let's just hop right into it and check out this first penny.

Alright, so this is a famous 1989, D mint mark. Now this coin is supposed to weigh 2.5 grams. However, it weighs 3.1 grams. And that is because it was struck on a copper Blanchet. So.

Those were pre-1983 plan shifts. So as we know, 1982, if you haven't seen my 1982 penny video, definitely check that out that was the transitional year when they went from three point 1 grams to 2 point 5 gram, pennies. So this is not supposed to wait three point. Once it's, not supposed to be on that copper, Blanchet, it's, mostly zinc. Nowadays of the 2.5 grand plan ships. This coin sold for over seven thousand five hundred dollars. So all you have to do to find out if you have one of these simply just.

Weigh it if it weighs three point one, then you probably certainly want to send it to a grading company to get it authenticated. So wait your coins I have these scales available on couch, collectibles, calm feel free to go check those out now moving on to the next 1989 penny. Now, this coin here sold on eBay for around $30 it's, you know, not in the greatest shape, but it does have a small die break that results in that cut there at the bottom of the point.

So you can look for cuts on all kinds of. Different coins so 30 bucks not too bad. If you find a coin like that the bank now here is a 1989 off-center penny. Now this coin sold on eBay is well, it's graded by AWACS at a mint state, 64 of red. And again, you can look for all centers on all kinds of different denominations of coins. This coin sold for around 20 bucks. So really not worth getting guided in my opinion, but let's move on to the 1989 high grade.

Now this coin here is graded at a mint state 68 red so that's, where all the value comes. In it doesn't have any mint errors or anything on the coin. This penny sold for around one hundred and eighty dollars.

Now, of course, these can fluctuate in value, you know, based on when you sell it, the great population, how many exists at this grade are higher, your know could sell for more could sell for less keep that in mind mint state 68 very, very high grades. Mint state, 70 would be a perfect graded coin. Now, same thing for the d-mat mark. This is great at a mint state 68 read this coin sold for. Around one hundred and sixty-five dollars as a result of that high grade.

Now here is another error coin, that's sold one bay. And when you actually can see the 1989, D mint mark there on the coin. So it's struck off-center, and it's gotten a double clip here. One on one side, one on the other very cool type of error coin. This coin sold for around $50 one bay on graded. Now here is a 1989.

Now this penny here was struck on a $0.10 Blanchet. So if you haven't seen any of my other videos, I've explained, this. And tons of those videos feel free to check them out I'll, put a playlist at the end of this video where you guys can click on that and watch my other penny videos, this coin sold for over three hundred and seventy dollars because it was struck on a dime.

Now also watch my gold penny. Video, first, that's, where I talk about silver pennies, gold, pennies, fakes that are out there and real ones to actually look for now here's. A 1989 that has been double struck.

It also has an indent there at the top of the. Coin, very cool type of error. This penny sold for over one hundred and forty-five dollars, not Madman that penny is awesome would love to add something like that to my collection next up is a 1989 Die clash. Now you can look for this on different dates. You know, this one maybe not so desirable because it's a 1989, but say this die.

Clash was on a very low minted penny. You know, it would definitely bring up the value tremendously. This coin only sold for around 20 bucks as is on eBay, but still an awesome.

Coin to find and always to look for when you are coin, roll, hunting die. Clash, absolutely love it. You could see the Lincoln Memorial design from the reverse coming through there on the front, the APIs of the coin. Now, for the 1989 proof, this coin has a perfect grade, it's graded at a proof 70. And this is the 1989. S, this penny sold for around three hundred dollars with that.

Perfect grade I told you a really quick video, don't, forget to go check out the other ones here click, the playlist at the end and. You guys know what they do until tomorrow I will see you guys in the comment section below this is couch collectibles in this is where I disappear.